M&E Mechanism and Criteria

M&E Mechanism

  1. At its meeting in Hangzhou, China on 22 April 2018, the RI Executive Committee resolved and supported the proposal from China Disabled Persons Federation (the Donor) to invite Hong Kong Joint Council for Persons with Disabilities (JC) to support field monitoring of the GDDF grant projects. JC will play the role of a third party independent project monitor, apart from the donor party (RI) and project operator party. 
  2. If your application is approved, the Secretariat and GDDF’s management staff will work with you to finalize the project proposal and project implementation plans, sign an agreement on the project, and remit the first lot of funding to the bank account of your organization.
  3. Successful applicants will receive eighty (80) percent of the grant amount upon approval of the application and the remainder will be provided within a month after receipt and approval of the final report.
  4. Honorary assessors will be recruited by JC providing field monitoring service. Field monitoring visits will be conducted at least once for each project and before the issue of the final portion of the grant. Honorary assessors may be recruited from Hong Kong, Macau, China Mainland, and from RI members around the world.

M&E Criteria

  1. Grant recipients are required to provide progress updates and share examples of best practices developed through project implementation or any similar achievement via any of the following media: print, broadcast, website, social media, television, interpersonal communication and other means.
  2. Any report or article related to the project and published/disseminated by the grantee should include an acknowledgment that the project is “sponsored by the GDDF of Rehabilitation International”.
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