Global Disability Development Fund Projects

Purposes/ Rationales

Global Disability Development Fund (GDDF) of Rehabilitation International supports projects and activities that bring direct or indirect benefit to persons with disabilities.

Application Guidelines and Forms

  1. GDDF welcomes applications from RI members independently or in collaboration with their partners on areas such as rehabilitation, rights protection, education and employment, assistive devices, accessibility, data collection, and research. Projects to be supported by GDDF will normally be of one-year duration.

  2. Who can apply?

  • RI Members and other entities

  • Organizations in collaboration with RI members

  1. Funding limit

The maximum amount that can be granted under GDDF is U.S. $100,000.

  1. GDDF does not fund the following:

  • Groups funded by, led by, or structurally/economically dependent on political parties or religious institutions.

  • International donor organizations

  • Businesses, academic research, scholarships and request for travel grants.

  1. Timeframe for Application

The GDDF has two rounds of applications per year. The GDDF Management Committee has the right to call for further applications.

After carefully reading the GDDF General Grant Guidelines, applicants shall submit completed application forms together with required attachments to:

the RI Secretariat c/o the Secretary General (SG) preferably by email by the dates stated in the RFP.

Address: 866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 422 New York, NY 10017



Approval Criteria

  1. The RI SG will acknowledge receipt of the application, check the documents submitted to ensure that all required information are provided including project goals and objectives, problems to be addressed, activities to be carried out, identification of possible matching funds for sustainability, consultation with the donor on the appropriateness of the amount requested and a letter from the RI member confirming the relationship to the satisfaction of the Management Committee. Additional documentation may be requested.

  2. After the compliance review, the SG will forward the applications to the Management Committee which will conduct a multi-stage review involving multiple stakeholders. The Management Committee’s decision is final.

  3. Applicants will be informed by the SG of the Management Committee’s decision, including those whose applications were not considered for funding.

  4. The grant allocation schedule will be determined by the Management Committee on a case-to-case basis.

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